Easy Ways of Adding Friends on HayDay And Common HayDay Tricks

Eduardo Mcdonalid August 17, 2018

Playing hayDay is fun but adding friends to the game is more entertaining. There are numerous ways of add friends to the hay day game and each way has its own steps in which if followed successfully can provide more entertainment to the game. Some of the used ways are: Adding using the Facebook way:- […]

Why Clash Of Clans Is Getting Popular Every Next Day

Eduardo Mcdonalid August 16, 2018

Clash of clans is quite a popular strategy game for all the iOS and android users that has a lot of things to offer to the ones who love games which are quite fun and fast paced. Clash of clans is a complex game and the key to playing the game is to build a […]

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Top Electronic Gadgets for Home

The 21st century has revolutionised the way humans interact and live. Our lives are highly dependant on technology today. Technological progress has made living sophisticated and easy. It is only because of technology we moving closer to the future. There…

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Easy Ways of Adding Friends on HayDay And Common HayDay Tricks

Playing hayDay is fun but adding friends to the game is more entertaining. There are numerous ways of add friends to the hay day game and each way has its own steps in which if followed successfully can provide more entertainment to the game. Some of the used ways are:

Adding using the Facebook way:- since we do have most of our friends on Facebook hay day has made it possible for friends and family to know the status and ability of a gamer and this is done by adding friends using the Facebook feature located in the game. Here are the steps to follow in adding friends from Facebook to the hay day game.

  • Opening the game settings menu at the left corner of the screen followed by clicking on a special icon i.e. gear, then you will be able to get into the settings.
  • Next is clicking of the Facebook special button but if you are not signed in on your Facebook account, the Facebook will display Facebook-disconnected.
  • Signing into the Facebook account is the next step and this involves providing the username and password of the Facebook account. After this click on submit then allow the page to load; the next page will ask for the permission which you will accept. This allows hay day to automatically load the list of hay day players on your profile and finally add them.
  • Viewing your friends will be by clicking on the individual avatar to take a look at their farm and eventually follow them they with their farm work.

Finding friends by clicking on the Neighborhood house:- another way of adding friends to your hayDay account is simply by the use of neighborhood. This can only be possible by reaching level 18. The steps to adding friends by neighborhood are:

  • Tapping the search region to find the neighborhood house is the first step and this is very straightforward and easy to do.
  • Searching for friends neighborhood is the next thing to do as there will be a search box where one can quickly write the name of the friend’s neighborhood but it must be noted that name of the neighborhood must be typed correctly because any mistake can lead to error or unable to find the friend.
  • If the name is written correctly a list will pop out and you can add friends by tapping on their avatar to add them and wait for them to accept the request.

Using the game center application:- this is another application that is been used to add friends to hayday game but the sad news is that it only works on iOS making this feature unavailable on Android. The process involves:

  • Opening the game center app and then checking the friend’s section and after which you view your friends in the game center.
  • Next is tapping the plus sign “+” at the right side of the This is used to add the hay day account to the game center application.
  • The final step is sending a friend request after which the friend accepts the request. Meaning it is going to be on a mutual agreement and this is as a result of intruders that can find their way into the account without permission.

These entire steps can all be used to add friends to the hayday game if you really want to enjoy the game with friends and relatives and this sound like a great idea.

Common Hay Day Tricks

These are a set of illegal activities that are being used to play the game. These activities are against the terms and condition of hayday but some players can’t face the stress of spending their money on buying some needed materials so they prefer using the following tricks;

Unlocking treasure chests:- this particular trick is limited as more you use the less the opportunity becomes and before one can actually get an unlocked treasure one can try for more than 20 times which makes it a little bit stressful. This can be done by:

  • Finding the toolbox at friend’s farm and if the box seems close try pressing any part of the screen except the “x” button
  • After this visit to another friends farm and see if the “toolbar” is open if yes then collect the available treasure inside. To know if this is effective go back to your farm; you will find the same treasure you picked in your friend’s
  • In some cases, the box will still appear locked but if this happens, you have no option than to repeat the same steps until you get what you are looking for. This is why the trick is considered to be stressful

Tricking followers helpers and friends:- this is a good trick to deceive followers helpers and friends. With the trick, your experience and coins will appear to be double of your original coins and experience. This can be done by:

  • Checking on the “check mark” and pressing it down when the game boat pulls itself into the main dock when you receive the order.
  • Before leaving the checkmark quickly tap the x and the game will display double of the amount of experience and coins.

Determining items that will be needed later in future:- the ability to know the items that will be needed later for shipments sound great. The following hints are will allow you to do this;

  • Finding the “delivery boy” is the first thing to do after which you tap him.
  • After this, you tap on the no thanks button to proceed with the process.
  • And finally, the delivery boy will display all the items that you will need in future to complete the future shipments.

It is very important to have it in mind that It is totally wrong to play with the tricks as it does not follow the rules and agreement of the game and if noticed by the company can lead to blocking of account.

Why Clash Of Clans Is Getting Popular Every Next Day

Clash of clans is quite a popular strategy game for all the iOS and android users that has a lot of things to offer to the ones who love games which are quite fun and fast paced. Clash of clans is a complex game and the key to playing the game is to build a base which is surrounded by a lot of defences for looting and getting trophies. The loot in the game helps to upgrade the base and to create a stronger troop. Clash of clans offers one currency and three resources that are there in the game. Gems is the currency that are used in the clash of clans; gems are the money that are used in the game, you can earn then by getting rid of the obstacles, in case you cannot wait to get rid of the obstacles then you can easily buy them by real money.

Resources used in clash of clans:

The three resources that are used in COC or the clash of clans are:

  • Gold: This is used for creating buildings.
  • Elixir: This is one of the resources that is used to create troops and for spells.
  • Dark elixir: The dark elixir appears in the game in the later stage that is used for unlocking other elements of the game which are quite powerful.

So clash of clans is free to play and is available in the in app purchases and it is an online multiplayer game in which players have to form communities which are called clans.

Things to know about clash of clans:

Builders and the gems

As told earlier, gems are the basic currency which is used in clash of clans. Gems are available for free, but they are limited and in case if you want to play without paying a lot of money then it is very important to conserve them. Gems are usually used to speed the performance in the game, so save them to purchase builders. You can earn free gems by clearing the items from the base.

The resources

When you start playing clash of clans then the priority should be to build up the resource production, the two major resources in the game are gold and elixir though dark elixir is also important, but gold and elixir are quite important.

The initial 48 hours

So while starting make sure that for the first two days you try and buy and upgrade the gold, elixir and other dark elixir resources. You do not need to upgrade anything else, but all this so do not spend time on upgrading the defensive walls or the buildings.

These being the basic things there are a few other things also that are important to know as newbie’s to the game of clash of clans.

  • The first thing to learn is that never waste your gems as they are valuable and quite expensive to buy, more than it they are hard to gather. So, spend them wisely and save them because if you want to play clash of clans with gems without having to buy then you will need to save them.
  • Defence or offence- This is one of the things to decide so pick a strategy which is right for you and if it is offence or defence. Make a choice.
  • Patience is the true virtue and if you are keen on playing this game then it is important to stay patient. You might have to wait for upgrades but there is no other way than staying patient.
  • Build a solid base is another important thing to do, you can find the right way of building a solid base on a lot of online tutorials so study them before playing clash of clans.
  • The best way of progressing in the game is by getting more and more of resources and also by upgrading. You can try and get the resources by doing certain things like by getting them from the collector buildings or you can raid the opponent player’s camps and get trophies and resources from him. Along with all this you can also get gold as well as elixir from following the goblin map.

How to win the clan wars?

Winning the war is quite important but is not an easy task to do especially if you are new to the game of clash of clans. Obviously, you would want to avoid losing and would hate losing so in order to win the clan of wars; you need to do the following things religiously.

  • Preparation for clan wars on preparation day – So there are two things to do before starting with the preparation day first is to start the clan war at the right time and then it is important to match the right clan to win the clan war.
  • The layout – In clan war you need to have a proper war base and not just a trophy base, there are tons of bases that are there and that claim to be the war bases so look at them and try getting an anti-3-star base.
  • The clan castle potential – The clan castle is known to be the most powerful building so make sure it is there in the center and has the best troops for its defence. Find the right troops and feel free to release those that you do not like. It is important to use the right troops, so you can use the witches, dragons or wizards for the same.
  • Use of tool – It is important to use the right tool to boost the victory of the clan and there are a lot of new tools to select from, you can even find tutorials online.
  • Battle day – Always make sure to attack with the whole army and have spells along with you.

These are the most important things to know and in case you have any problem in understanding this game you can click here to know more about it.

Top Electronic Gadgets for Home

The 21st century has revolutionised the way humans interact and live. Our lives are highly dependant on technology today. Technological progress has made living sophisticated and easy. It is only because of technology we moving closer to the future. There is so much choice which one has and you can buy so many thing to make life easier for you. First people had to do everything manually but with time things have changed and there is a gadget for doing everything in the market. You will be surprised with the choice you have once you visit the market. You can visit a very good website like keuzehelper, which has got all the information on this topic and can guide you in the right way about selecting a good choice.

Only a few years back, technology was limited to computers and cell phone device. Cell phones were not smart and computers were basic. In the last decade or so, technology has started getting smarter. With the help of technology, it has become possible to interact with artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence is like having a personal assistant to solve multiple tasks for humans. But at the present time thing are changing and so many new things are coming up and you have huge choice, which can give you gadget which are based on your needs and can get the work done very fast in no time, go and visit the amazing website keuzehelper, which has got tons of information on this topic and can enlighten you will some very important fact, which can help you deciding the right thing for yourself. There are many brands which are coming up with some very good innovative products, which can make life very easy for people. Based on which selection ones does a good product can be easily available with lots of good feature and not a very expensive price, and that can get the work done in quick time and make things easier for you. You have got so many gadget to look at. You can select the best one as per your needs. It is not tough. But be sure that what you are buy is as per your needs.

Artificial intelligence and upmarket hardware devices have brewed together to provide unbelievable gadgets. Electronic gadgets have made their way to our homes as well. In this article we will discuss about top electronic gadgets for home which make our lives easier, let us look at some top innovative options in the market which are going to be the future of the gadgets, they are unique and will give very good results:

Amazon Echo: As mentioned earlier, you can now talk to technology directly. Amazon’s Echo is one such device. Powered by virtual assistant Alexa, the Echo tells you about the weather, score, news and even plays music as per your wish. It is powered by electricity and sync’s with your Amazon account to provide you personalised experience. The device is Bluetooth enabled and does a lot of tasks for which you had to keep taping your phone earlier. This is a great product and is very innovative and gives very good results. It has got an amazing voice recognition technology which will help you understand the voice and do the task based on it.

Philips Hue Light: Who thought that lighting of our homes would be controlled by technology? Philips made it possible with its Hue starter kit. Now you can change the ambience of your dining room with the tap of a button. The lighting system is connected via wi-fi and an application on your phone/pad. You can set multiple lighting conditions as per your mood. The complete kit costs around $150. This is a great option and the light can get changed based on your liking, this is great product and is becoming more and more popular with time.

Well these were some of the latest electronic gadgets for home which make our lives a lot more happening and easier and a website like keuzehelper, is always there to guide you in the right way and give you some important tips to improve you buying decision. The cost of getting one of these isn’t too high as well, but, the application does bring a lot of change to the way we live and that could also save in lots of time for you, which is a need at the present time, as everyone is very busy.

Momo Smart Security Robot

This is great fantastic device and this also has a very good option in sound detection, this is a very good security assistant and can notify you if it finds something different in the area it is monitoring. It is a device with AI and it will learn from your habits and will work according to that. It can also work as an option to control your home smart devices and it a very impressive gadget.

So if you want some futuristic products, do keep these in mind and you will not have a problem, some of the options are really good and you can really enjoy making use of these gadgets in no time. So if you want to make your life easy go in for these gadgets, which can get things done very fast, everyone is becoming busier with time and this can help you get the job done.

Tips to protect your exotic car rental business form a fall

If you are not hawk-eyed on the fleet cost, you are going to risk your business. Of course, exotic car rental business is a great chance to make money and lose money. Confusing? Well, if you run the business accordingly you would be able to hope a steady income, but then, if you are neglectful you are at loss. If you want to run a business you should have the knowledge about running a business. There are many newcomers who just enter the business world with zero understanding of it. Will it work? To be honest, business is not a game. If you are planning to do a business or if you have already started a business you should know to run a business. Not every businessman have the skills to run a business. But most businesses educate themselves about running a business successfully. As you already know, exotic car rental business is a good market where you would have high demand. Although there are many competitors if you try hard you would be able to find a place in this competitive market. So, what should you do? You should look back at your business if you already have one. If you don’t have a business and if you are looking to start a new business you should bear these points in mind.

Business vs business goals

So, did you have goals when you started the business? Were your business goals realistic? We don’t say that you should have petty goals rather we make you understand. You should know that goals are really important for a successful business. You should have realistic goals. Unless you have realistic goals you wouldn’t be able to achieve success in business. If you are planning to start a business you should get ready with your realistic goals. But then back the existing business owners, have you built a rapport with your business goals? Or have you forgotten that you have set goals in the first place? Usually, business owners forget their goals with time and this is the main reason why they fail badly.

So, if you don’t want your business to fall or if you don’t want to earn loss you should revise your goal. As a beginner, you should take the time to prepare a list of goals that you should achieve in your business. You should remember that every goal that you jot down should include the guidelines or short-term goals. So, likewise, you should start a business with proper goals.

Focus on these tips before you lose your business

Most businessmen fail to run a successful business because they stop educating themselves once they start a business. Actually, you should not do it. If you want to run a successful exotic car rental business you should keep educating yourself. You should stay involved with your business. You should be obsessed with your performance. You should have the overall control of your business. It is all about the hard work of a businessman. Anyway, let us move on!

  • Learn to accept the challenges

The main thing in a successful business is focusing on new things. You should understand that you are in a world of competitors. One business is trying to do better than the other. So, when you are running a business in a competitive industry you should be ready to face challenges. You should focus on new innovations. You should think about finding something better than your competitor. So, when running an exotic car rental business it can be pretty hard to come up with new ideas yet you should try. You can offer different price rates with some other perks. So, it is all about how you learn to accept the challenges in the business industry. You should revise your business model, your customers, vehicle, and all the other factors. Think about each and every factor and try to bring changes that would attract customers. If you are running an old boring business, it is pretty hard to reach the success and in no time, your business will fail.

  • Learn to question yourself

If businessmen fail it is because they don’t question themselves. They don’t think about their business model or scheme. They don’t know if their business is stagnant or active. They don’t know whether their business has the capacity to compete with the other businesses. So, you should learn to question yourself about your performance. It is always better to look back at your business and think, whether it is going in the right direction. You might be working really hard, but think, whether it is enough. Think whether it is enough to compete with other successful businesses. It is pretty easy to dive into the world of business, but protecting yourself from drowning is the hardest. So, master the ways to protect your business before you dive in.

  • Learn to value your customers

Of course, your customers are everything! Without customers, your business would be nothing. So, you should learn to value customers. You don’t have to charge low to value your customers. You should focus on finding the ways to make your customers satisfied. You should study whether the customers would be happy to hire an exotic car. So, likewise, knowing the customer will protect your business. It will help you to keep your business in a good condition.

  • Learn to handle risks

One of the crucial factors that cost the success of a business is the risk. If the businessman doesn’t have the skills to handle the risks, it is obvious that the business will fail. When running a business you will come across risks be it exotic car rental or luxury car rental. However, you should know to manage risks in the possible ways.

So, study these factors to protect your business from a fall. It can be challenging to run a business but once you get the grip you are good to go!

Top screen capture software for windows


Screen capture software is an excellent way to make a demo. Recording your screen activity can be very helpful when you are planning to take a tutorial. You can also capture footage from your desktop or even capture your favourite video game as you play. It is always a joy to show others how you defeated the most difficult level in the video game. Some software is quite simple, and they capture what is on your screen and save it, but there is also much-advanced software with which you can edit the video, have gameplay optimisation, live streaming etc.

The following are some of the top screen capture software for windows:

OBS Studio:

OBS Studio is one of the best free screen recorders for capturing your video games. The software is packed with many features, and the recording quality is top notch. For gamers who are keen on capturing games as they play, OOB Studio will come in handy. The software is an open source, and you can use it without any restrictions. You will be able to make high definition videos, and there are no restrictions to the number of recordings you make. The software even allows you to stream live on YouTube.

The software allows you to capture games in full-screen mode as the software records directly from the graphics card of your computer. There are also many customised hotkeys with which you can use control the recording you make.

iSpring Free Cam:


iSpring Free Cam is a very simple and easy to use software with which you can record your activities on your screen. The software also has built-in audio and video editor. Though iSpring Free Cam is free software, you will not be disturbed by any ads. The software also has no watermarks or time limits for the video you record. You can easily delete all the unwanted fragments in the video and also remove the background noises.


Ezvid happens to one of the easiest tools for screen recording and the videos you record from the software are of high quality. It is built to save the user’s time, and the software also helps you in producing and uploading the video directly into YouTube and other sites in no time. If you are looking for making a video in the quickest way possible, Ezvid is the one for you.

Camtasia Studio:

If you happen to be this person who is bothered about every single detail on your video, you might want to check out the Camtasia Studio software. The software allows you to record video and audio one after the other and you can combine the videos you recorded later on. Camtasia Studio is a paid software, and the price might seem a little competitive, but it is truly worth it if you are interested in frame-by-frame editing.