Eduardo Mcdonalid November 21, 2018

Well, this is not something easy to answer. People have different experiences and at times a method to beat the test may not work. This is based on the test and lots of other factors like the test type. At times you may know that the drug test will be conducted at a specific time while other times you may have an on the spot test, and a question may arise how to pass a surprise drug test? If the drug test is conducted on the spot, then it may not be easy to beat. Chances of that going against you are very high. So one needs to be very careful and have maximum time before the drug test. That’s not the same when you take a test which is basically conducted at a scheduled time, with proper notice. In this case, you have time to prepare, which is not in the case for spot drug test.

How easy are the modern day tests?

Well, they are not easy to beat. They have become very strict with improvement in the technology and people are finding it very tough to overcome them. Let us talk about the urine test first. If you want to clear the urine test, then you need to boost your fluid output and that will improve your diuretic. This will help you stimulate your urine and will flush your system and that is something very important.

How to beat the urine test?

This question is asked so many times, and it is not very easy to do this. If you are not being watched, then you need to pee in the toilet and then let your initial urine get passed. After that give the sample, that should improve your chances of beating the test. Try and put someone else’s urine or synthetic urine in place of yours. This is one more method will work well and in most cases and will help you to beat the test. Though you are not completely sure with any of these. You can buy fake urine or a cleaner donor to get the job done. You will need to smuggle the other urine in the testing area, provided you are not been seen. Well, this all depends on the test and the tester. If the testing is very strict, then you may not be able to do that and may also be penalized for doing something like this, which could be a disaster for you.

There are lots of people who are not sure about how to pass a surprise drug test? If you know about the test well in advance, then you can always plan, but if you are told on the spot, then it can be very tough to beat the test. You need to work very hard to know the schedule of the test. If you have ignorance here, then it will surely go against you and that is the last thing you want.

Keep in mind that Synthetic urine will clear most of the test and you will not have a problem as long as you are able to get it in the testing area which is not something easy to do. Your sample should have uric acid and a smell. If you have urine which is Scentless, the tester may be confused and may doubt it, which can go against you. One has to keep the sample at the right temperature and it should not be too hot or cold. If you do not keep this in mind, the urine may not work. If that happens test may go against you. What happens if you do not know how to pass a surprise drug test? If you do not, then one is in serious trouble. The results will surely go against them. So one should always have the schedule of the test before hand if possible, as that will make the process much easier. But if you cannot do that then you are surely in serious trouble and may go completely against you. The only way that is left, if it happens on the spot, is praying, or chances of the test coming positive are very high if you are on drugs.

In case of a scheduled test you have a donor, who is ready to give the urine, then that is another option. But keep in mind, that their urine should be okay. Also if the donor does not reach at the right time, then one is looking at trouble. Keep in mind that you check the sample before you go in for the test. You can make use of a test strip which is basically very easily available in drugstores. If you do that then one is completely sure.

So if you want to clear the drug test, it is never easy to do, if you have very little time. If you have to take a saliva test, then you need to try and delay it as much as possible. If you do that, then the chances of clearing it is much better. Most of the drugs are not traceable in the saliva after a few hours and that is big advantage for you. If this is done in the right way make work in your favor. One needs to be very careful with these tests. if you make one mistake, it can cost you your job or some other very serious implications and that is the last thing you want. If you want things to go in your favor, then you need to take these steps and understand the process well if that is done, and then things will be much easier.

So what are you waiting for? Just prepare well and you will never have a problem. You can clear the drug test easily. Even otherwise, one should stop taking drugs as it will improve their overall health and of course help in clear the drug tests.