Eduardo Mcdonalid August 2, 2018

Screen capture software is an excellent way to make a demo. Recording your screen activity can be very helpful when you are planning to take a tutorial. You can also capture footage from your desktop or even capture your favourite video game as you play. It is always a joy to show others how you defeated the most difficult level in the video game. Some software is quite simple, and they capture what is on your screen and save it, but there is also much-advanced software with which you can edit the video, have gameplay optimisation, live streaming etc.

The following are some of the top screen capture software for windows:

OBS Studio:

OBS Studio is one of the best free screen recorders for capturing your video games. The software is packed with many features, and the recording quality is top notch. For gamers who are keen on capturing games as they play, OOB Studio will come in handy. The software is an open source, and you can use it without any restrictions. You will be able to make high definition videos, and there are no restrictions to the number of recordings you make. The software even allows you to stream live on YouTube.

The software allows you to capture games in full-screen mode as the software records directly from the graphics card of your computer. There are also many customised hotkeys with which you can use control the recording you make.

iSpring Free Cam:


iSpring Free Cam is a very simple and easy to use software with which you can record your activities on your screen. The software also has built-in audio and video editor. Though iSpring Free Cam is free software, you will not be disturbed by any ads. The software also has no watermarks or time limits for the video you record. You can easily delete all the unwanted fragments in the video and also remove the background noises.


Ezvid happens to one of the easiest tools for screen recording and the videos you record from the software are of high quality. It is built to save the user’s time, and the software also helps you in producing and uploading the video directly into YouTube and other sites in no time. If you are looking for making a video in the quickest way possible, Ezvid is the one for you.

Camtasia Studio:

If you happen to be this person who is bothered about every single detail on your video, you might want to check out the Camtasia Studio software. The software allows you to record video and audio one after the other and you can combine the videos you recorded later on. Camtasia Studio is a paid software, and the price might seem a little competitive, but it is truly worth it if you are interested in frame-by-frame editing.