Eduardo Mcdonalid August 17, 2018

Playing hayDay is fun but adding friends to the game is more entertaining. There are numerous ways of add friends to the hay day game and each way has its own steps in which if followed successfully can provide more entertainment to the game. Some of the used ways are:

Adding using the Facebook way:- since we do have most of our friends on Facebook hay day has made it possible for friends and family to know the status and ability of a gamer and this is done by adding friends using the Facebook feature located in the game. Here are the steps to follow in adding friends from Facebook to the hay day game.

  • Opening the game settings menu at the left corner of the screen followed by clicking on a special icon i.e. gear, then you will be able to get into the settings.
  • Next is clicking of the Facebook special button but if you are not signed in on your Facebook account, the Facebook will display Facebook-disconnected.
  • Signing into the Facebook account is the next step and this involves providing the username and password of the Facebook account. After this click on submit then allow the page to load; the next page will ask for the permission which you will accept. This allows hay day to automatically load the list of hay day players on your profile and finally add them.
  • Viewing your friends will be by clicking on the individual avatar to take a look at their farm and eventually follow them they with their farm work.

Finding friends by clicking on the Neighborhood house:- another way of adding friends to your hayDay account is simply by the use of neighborhood. This can only be possible by reaching level 18. The steps to adding friends by neighborhood are:

  • Tapping the search region to find the neighborhood house is the first step and this is very straightforward and easy to do.
  • Searching for friends neighborhood is the next thing to do as there will be a search box where one can quickly write the name of the friend’s neighborhood but it must be noted that name of the neighborhood must be typed correctly because any mistake can lead to error or unable to find the friend.
  • If the name is written correctly a list will pop out and you can add friends by tapping on their avatar to add them and wait for them to accept the request.

Using the game center application:- this is another application that is been used to add friends to hayday game but the sad news is that it only works on iOS making this feature unavailable on Android. The process involves:

  • Opening the game center app and then checking the friend’s section and after which you view your friends in the game center.
  • Next is tapping the plus sign “+” at the right side of the This is used to add the hay day account to the game center application.
  • The final step is sending a friend request after which the friend accepts the request. Meaning it is going to be on a mutual agreement and this is as a result of intruders that can find their way into the account without permission.

These entire steps can all be used to add friends to the hayday game if you really want to enjoy the game with friends and relatives and this sound like a great idea.

Common Hay Day Tricks

These are a set of illegal activities that are being used to play the game. These activities are against the terms and condition of hayday but some players can’t face the stress of spending their money on buying some needed materials so they prefer using the following tricks;

Unlocking treasure chests:- this particular trick is limited as more you use the less the opportunity becomes and before one can actually get an unlocked treasure one can try for more than 20 times which makes it a little bit stressful. This can be done by:

  • Finding the toolbox at friend’s farm and if the box seems close try pressing any part of the screen except the “x” button
  • After this visit to another friends farm and see if the “toolbar” is open if yes then collect the available treasure inside. To know if this is effective go back to your farm; you will find the same treasure you picked in your friend’s
  • In some cases, the box will still appear locked but if this happens, you have no option than to repeat the same steps until you get what you are looking for. This is why the trick is considered to be stressful

Tricking followers helpers and friends:- this is a good trick to deceive followers helpers and friends. With the trick, your experience and coins will appear to be double of your original coins and experience. This can be done by:

  • Checking on the “check mark” and pressing it down when the game boat pulls itself into the main dock when you receive the order.
  • Before leaving the checkmark quickly tap the x and the game will display double of the amount of experience and coins.

Determining items that will be needed later in future:- the ability to know the items that will be needed later for shipments sound great. The following hints are will allow you to do this;

  • Finding the “delivery boy” is the first thing to do after which you tap him.
  • After this, you tap on the no thanks button to proceed with the process.
  • And finally, the delivery boy will display all the items that you will need in future to complete the future shipments.

It is very important to have it in mind that It is totally wrong to play with the tricks as it does not follow the rules and agreement of the game and if noticed by the company can lead to blocking of account.