Eduardo Mcdonalid December 22, 2018

To go into depth of cold pitching let’s define what cold pitching is. It’s a way of convincing a stranger that your writing could be of use to him. Done through e-mail or another form of writing (usually an email, but if you’re feeling creative and decide to send an old-fashioned letter let us know how it goes) it is your own cover letter.

Do Your Research

Every website you cold pitch to is going to be different. Before you even customize your pitch go through their posts and see what kind of a website they are. Read a couple of articles to see the style they work with. Do they prefer personal stories or third person journalist writing? Do they like to use original photos? Are they a website with helpful tips and hints or do they prefer essays? Send them pitches that related to what they publish. Learn names of the people that work at the website. People will give you attention if you took the time to learn who they are.
Website developers and editors are busy and get hundreds of emails a day. Take the time to get to know them so they can take the time to get to know you.

Get To The Point Right Away

Related to getting to know someone, you want them to stay interested. Don’t start with “I was born in 1985 as a second child in a loving family” because no one cares.

Get to what you’ve done as soon as you introduce yourself. “Dear Mr John Johnson, I’ve been a writer for, here’s some of my previous work”
They are reading your e-mail to see what you can do, not to get to know your personal history. Give them what they want right away so they can decide whether you’re the right fit for them or not. If you take forever to get to the point they will lose interest in reading your past work even before they’re done with the e-mail.

Present Yourself As An Asset

In movies you might see a story of a mentor giving a young, but difficult, talent a chance because they see something in them until eventually, the talent matures, becomes a millionaire and everyone lives happily ever after. Real life doesn’t work the same, you have to present yourself as an asset to someone so they can see what they can get from you. Have you had other articles published? Mention how well they did. Are you new? Mention how hard you are willing to work to prove yourself valuable to them. Say how much effort you’re willing to put in, how many hours you will work, what you’ll do to make your guest post valuable to them. Make sure you visit Big Guest Posting and get some good offers.

Practice Patience

Things don’t work out right away. Most editors don’t even take the time to reject you, all you get is silence. When you get your first no you will consider it a success because someone took the time to reject you. Then, after about a million silent treatment no’s and a couple of actual no ’s, someone, somewhere will give you a chance to show what you can do.

You have the readership, the views, the clicks and you’re ready to get some guest writers on to your website. How do you pick good writers?

The Obvious – Good Writing

This goes without saying, read what they wrote and if you like it, post it. This only works for a first timer though. A good relationship is built on mutual respect. A good writer will have the talent, which is necessary, but a great writer will have these things as well: Keep in mind that you make sure and go in for Big Guest Posting.

Good Pitch

A pitch is a trailer into someone’s writing. Movie producers make the trailer in such a way that it highlights the style of the movie, without revealing everything. A catchy title, a good pitch and a respectful manner should be pointers of a good writer. Look for the ones that have done all their research and know exactly what you’re looking for. When they take the time to follow your guidelines, they will take the time to follow your outlines and your deadlines. When they take the time to read up on your website, they will take the time to research on their post. You will need professional help go in for Big Guest Posting.


You picked a few good ones, now what? Watch the tone and speed your writers communicate with you. You want respectful people that will follow the rules and communicate what’s happening. You be respectful as well, you earn respect by giving it. When you have a deadline, wait for the deadline before you start harassing your writer about what they’ve done. If they miss the deadline, don’t work with them anymore. It’s simple.