Eduardo Mcdonalid January 22, 2019

Introduction : As we all know, the rack system is a system of goods storage or item storage that is used by so many businesses and organizations. In fact, we have seen so many warehouses with this kind of storage. As much as this storage system is very helpful and a good method especially when you want to stock more goods, it can also be very dangerous especially when the installation wasn’t done well and if at all there are no regular inspections conducted on the racking system. Storage racking needs to be checked and inspected all the time the inspections are done regularly for the sake of employees’ safety and also for the sake of curbing damages. Sometimes racks can collapse not because of the bad installation style only but because of so many reasons. Below are some of the things that can make your storage racking to collapse and ways that can be used to avoid such incidents.

The spacing : Spacing might sound insignificant but the truth is, it can be the source of so many collapsing accidents. When the storage racks are placed so close to each other, it might lead to lifting truck access. As we all know, if access is limited, it might just interfere with the rack and this might lead to collapse. The spacing is also a fire risk. Therefore, you should always make sure that there is enough space between the racking systems. This is for easy access and also for fire compliance needs.

Check for any damages : Racks might end up collapsing because no one is keen about checking the racks. The racking should regularly be inspected just to make sure that there are no damages to the racking system. Apart from the business having a regular inspection routine, the company or business should always make sure that there is a culture involving safety compliance, especially for the workers. If the rack is not inspected regularly you might never notice when there is any rack that is damaged. For safety culture, make sure that your employees are able and have a conducive environment whereby they can easily report any damage or any rack that seems to be dangerous. That way you will be able to reduce accidents caused by rack collapsing which might otherwise put the workers’ lives and health in danger.

Correct storage system : The way you store your goods can also be a source of rack storage collapsing. If you do not consider placing heavy items at the lower bay, the rack might end up collapsing. This is because, when you place heavy items on the upper bay, the loads might overwhelm the rack causing it to be unstable. If there is no stability on a racking system, there is also a possibility that the rack will eventually collapse. Therefore, try to always balance your racking storage system. For clarity, you can always seek advice from the experts who installed the racking system on how you should store your items or goods.

The racking system : Having the racking system that is correct can also be a wise thing to think of. Invest in a racking system that you are sure if you store your items or goods, the rack will not collapse due to the capacity of the goods. To have a racking system that is correct, you should always make sure to explain to the person installing the racks on what kind of goods you would like to store. After the explanation, they will surely know which kind of racking system that you will need for your storage. If you fail on selecting the right storage for you, you might end up breaking your rack. If you are not sure of the system that you would love for your rack storage system, you should always find professional help.

Be keen on the center of gravity : Center of gravity is also very important when it comes to installation of racking systems. Rack systems can collapse if the center of gravity is not well located. We should always remember that the center of gravity is the strength of any racking system. If the racking system is not balanced very well, it is very possible that the rack can collapse.

Train your workers : You should always try to invest in your workers. If you do not do that, you might fail in keeping them safe and in avoiding any catastrophes that can happen in future. You should always train your workers on safety and also on precautions. In case of an accident, they should also be aware of how to handle such a situation in a procedural manner. For them to have proper training, you can invite or hire a professional to train them. Always remember to put your employees first.

Conclusion : There are so many things that can cause your rack system to collapse. Your rack storage system can collapse due to ignorance, lack of regular inspection or maybe the rack is just damaged. When the racking system collapses, you might think that the place was a war field. It can be so annoying and at the same time damaging. To the employees, it can cause injuries and also cost their lives. Due to such reasons, everyone in a working place especially in places with rack storage system should always be educated about rack safety.