Eduardo Mcdonalid August 26, 2018

While starting off in fortnite especially as a beginner, there are some basic tips that you should be aware of if you look forward to making the experience worthwhile. Experienced players may therefore not find this article helpful at all because it is entirely for beginners who need some information to start them off. If you are not the type that wants to get shot gunned in the face at the first trial, you may find this information quite helpful. Every experienced player passed here at some time where you get to dive from the battle bus for the first time. We are going to look at landing tips and also how to consume shield potions. Even after getting these tips, it will take you a lot of practice in order to be consistently at ease while playing the game.

Tips to help you have an easy start with fortnite

  1. You do not take the things you pick on spawn island with you

You will find many building scattered materials in spawn land waiting to be grabbed and while you can comfortably grab them, the truth is you will not get into fortnite map with them. You can only be in spawn land for a minute so you should therefore practice how to play fortnite while there because it is only for a moment before your 100 players fill up and you get to be on your way. You can try by shooting at someone but there will be no damage.

  1. Never rush to drop out of the battle bus

When you get to hear the bus honk, it means you are ready to drop from it any moment but that does not mean you rush while at it. Always resist the urge of joining your fellow players hopping from the bus but wait until the bus is like 3 seconds away to reaching the end and then proceed to leap out. With that you will have few or no players at all competing for landing spots with you. That also means that there is less likelihood of getting gunned in the face for the first two minutes or so into the match. Also look forward to aiming at a house or structure for a chance to glide your way into a chest which will obviously have some free items for you that will be advantageous in your fight. Hit the roof using your pickaxe to get access it.

  1. Your glider deploys automatically

While getting down from the battle bus, there can be no way of deploying your glider later because it automatically opens at a certain height over the ground below and only folds up once you’ve landed. Therefore stay patient and wait for the nearest structure.

  1. First drink small shield potions before taking in a large one

You will find small and large blue bottles around your map with each giving you 25 shields and 50 shields respectively if you use the same button for firing gun to drink them. Having 50 or higher shield means that you cannot consume small bottles. You are then supposed to make sure you drink them first in order to ensure that they do not burn up a slot in your inventory. You can go ahead and chug larger shield potions whichever the level your shield is at.

  1. Assault rifles are good beginner weapons

When you are new to fortnite and you are figuring out a way to play, stick to assault rifles because sniper rifles tend to be useless less than 75 Meters. You can keep one but do not use it in close quarters combat unless a need arises. When shooting someone very close go for your shot gun for it will be more efficient and they are good at one hit kills. You will therefore need to keep one in your hands while exploring houses and basements.

  1. Play with your headphones on

Headphones are a good investment when it comes to playing fortnite for the purposes of hearing the footsteps or gunshots at their first sound or even before they are made because they are accompanied with some dramatic sounds. With headphones you are able to figure the direction at which fighters are coming from. That will always give you an advantage because you get valuable seconds to get prepared by quickly building a cover or switching to a weapon such as shotgun.

  1. Build cover before you heal

It is always good to build walls around you before you start to heal. Healing and drinking shield potions take up to 10 seconds for the larger healing kit and during this time you are not able to move around or do anything else apart from twirl of the camera and this puts you in a vulnerable position and the walls shield bullets from hitting you on the face.

  1. Always look forward to getting the upper ground in a fight

Things are bound to get sticky and sooner or later you are going to find yourself in a tight position fighting one of the 100 gunfighters happening to around the map. This will require you to be high as possible by making sure that you have the upper hand by building ramps up the sky or even jumping several times which makes you a hard target to hit. Building four walls and a ramp up to the wall facing your opponent seems to be the only solution that will give you a good sniping position to attack your enemy. You can also get to retreat down while reloading your gun or assault rifle for that matter. Repeat the building formula by jumping to build below your feet until you have the upper hand in terms of control and weapons.

Those are some of the basic tips you can arm yourself with when starting out fortnite game and they will help you in getting to familiarize with the game.