Eduardo Mcdonalid August 16, 2018

Clash of clans is quite a popular strategy game for all the iOS and android users that has a lot of things to offer to the ones who love games which are quite fun and fast paced. Clash of clans is a complex game and the key to playing the game is to build a base which is surrounded by a lot of defences for looting and getting trophies. The loot in the game helps to upgrade the base and to create a stronger troop. Clash of clans offers one currency and three resources that are there in the game. Gems is the currency that are used in the clash of clans; gems are the money that are used in the game, you can earn then by getting rid of the obstacles, in case you cannot wait to get rid of the obstacles then you can easily buy them by real money.

Resources used in clash of clans:

The three resources that are used in COC or the clash of clans are:

  • Gold: This is used for creating buildings.
  • Elixir: This is one of the resources that is used to create troops and for spells.
  • Dark elixir: The dark elixir appears in the game in the later stage that is used for unlocking other elements of the game which are quite powerful.

So clash of clans is free to play and is available in the in app purchases and it is an online multiplayer game in which players have to form communities which are called clans.

Things to know about clash of clans:

Builders and the gems

As told earlier, gems are the basic currency which is used in clash of clans. Gems are available for free, but they are limited and in case if you want to play without paying a lot of money then it is very important to conserve them. Gems are usually used to speed the performance in the game, so save them to purchase builders. You can earn free gems by clearing the items from the base.

The resources

When you start playing clash of clans then the priority should be to build up the resource production, the two major resources in the game are gold and elixir though dark elixir is also important, but gold and elixir are quite important.

The initial 48 hours

So while starting make sure that for the first two days you try and buy and upgrade the gold, elixir and other dark elixir resources. You do not need to upgrade anything else, but all this so do not spend time on upgrading the defensive walls or the buildings.

These being the basic things there are a few other things also that are important to know as newbie’s to the game of clash of clans.

  • The first thing to learn is that never waste your gems as they are valuable and quite expensive to buy, more than it they are hard to gather. So, spend them wisely and save them because if you want to play clash of clans with gems without having to buy then you will need to save them.
  • Defence or offence- This is one of the things to decide so pick a strategy which is right for you and if it is offence or defence. Make a choice.
  • Patience is the true virtue and if you are keen on playing this game then it is important to stay patient. You might have to wait for upgrades but there is no other way than staying patient.
  • Build a solid base is another important thing to do, you can find the right way of building a solid base on a lot of online tutorials so study them before playing clash of clans.
  • The best way of progressing in the game is by getting more and more of resources and also by upgrading. You can try and get the resources by doing certain things like by getting them from the collector buildings or you can raid the opponent player’s camps and get trophies and resources from him. Along with all this you can also get gold as well as elixir from following the goblin map.

How to win the clan wars?

Winning the war is quite important but is not an easy task to do especially if you are new to the game of clash of clans. Obviously, you would want to avoid losing and would hate losing so in order to win the clan of wars; you need to do the following things religiously.

  • Preparation for clan wars on preparation day – So there are two things to do before starting with the preparation day first is to start the clan war at the right time and then it is important to match the right clan to win the clan war.
  • The layout – In clan war you need to have a proper war base and not just a trophy base, there are tons of bases that are there and that claim to be the war bases so look at them and try getting an anti-3-star base.
  • The clan castle potential – The clan castle is known to be the most powerful building so make sure it is there in the center and has the best troops for its defence. Find the right troops and feel free to release those that you do not like. It is important to use the right troops, so you can use the witches, dragons or wizards for the same.
  • Use of tool – It is important to use the right tool to boost the victory of the clan and there are a lot of new tools to select from, you can even find tutorials online.
  • Battle day – Always make sure to attack with the whole army and have spells along with you.

These are the most important things to know and in case you have any problem in understanding this game you can click here to know more about it.